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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Heroic Herbal Medicine in Africa

Two weeks ago I attended an inspiring two day conference at Oxford University at which several eminent Professors of Dermatology spoke alongside traditional healers and herbalists on Collaboration with Traditional Healers in the Provision of Skin Care for All in Africa. Skin disease is a major problem in Africa and these doctors and healers wereContinue Reading

Superfoods for the winter

I sometimes find it hard to remember what are the so called “superfoods”.  This slideshow from Web MD is a nice reminder of what we should be eating more of now that winter is here – the good news is that, apart from yogurt and oysters, they are all plants. [Just ignore the adverts onContinue Reading

Garlic dinner for winter colds and sniffles

A classic garlic recipe to ward off colds and ‘flu Here is a great way to take medicine – though you probably need to ensure that you aren’t the only one eating it given the amount of garlic it contains. Garlic has been prized since ancient times for its antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial, qualities butContinue Reading

Children in USA deficient in Vitamin D

An American study has revealed MOST children in the U.S. have suboptimal vitamin D levels. Healthy blood levels of vitamin D are at least 30 ng/mL; but 2 out of 3 children have levels below this, and about 1 in 5 in the age group 1 to 11 are severely deficient. The problem is especiallyContinue Reading

Vitamin D and mortality

New Study Links Vitamin D to Higher Mortality Yet another study has highlighted the health benefits of maintaining optimal blood levels of vitamin D. In the latest study on what is fast becoming known as a super-nutrient, scientists from the Netherlands, Austria and the U.S. have found that low blood levels of vitamin D areContinue Reading