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Even the government thinks we aren’t getting enough Vitamin D

Apparently the chief medical officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, is contacting medical staff because there has been an increase in childhood rickets over the past 15 years and there is evidence that some health professionals are unaware of the new government guidelines which can be seen at:
According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey:
  • 90% of the general population have below optimal levels – 80nmol/L (32 ng/mL)
  • 75% of young adults, the elderly ad British Asian children are classed as deficient – 50nmol/L (20ng/mL)
  • 5-20% of the general population are classed as severely deficient – 25 nmol/L (10ng/mL)
Better still we all need to get out in the sun more and spend at least 20 minutes a day wherever possible exposing the skin to natural sunlight without using a sunscreen.

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