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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Monsanto -v- Mother Earth

On May 6th the wonderful EU Parliament (where would we be without it) is voting on new legislation which will stop people using old varieties of seeds, or even swapping seeds with each other, so that farmers and everyone else are forced to use the output of Monsanto and their ilk. As with my Nestle postingContinue Reading

20 year-old popcorn unlikely to be genetically modified

I recently discovered a sealed packet of popcorn in my larder with a sell-by date of 1992. I think I had some idea at the time that you needed a special piece of equipment to actually pop the corn and so it lingered. Anyway, being desperate for a quick snack, I put some in aContinue Reading

Nestle attempting to patent a plant!

We just cannot let this happen. Nestle are attempting to patent the medicinal action of Nigella sativa – a plant which has a history of traditional use in many cultures going back thousands of years. This is the thin end of a very large wedge. Before we know it we won’t be able to makeContinue Reading