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Further to my previous posts about Monsanto and Nestle attempting to patent plants, it would seem that cyber communications containing the words “Monsanto” and “Donald Rumsfeld” are now being censored. I sent emails five days ago to the four herbal email groups to which I regularly send posts, about the hundreds of “Marches against Monsanto” which are being held all over the world tomorrow and which are publicised on Facebook, and seemingly nowhere else. The Yahoo postings did not get through at all in spite of several attempts. The one sent to the Google group, of which I am the moderator, did get through but an innocuous short response from a member of the group which mentioned the fact that Donald Rumsfeld is on the board of Monsanto and containing links to, amongst other things, the BBC, was reported to me as moderator on the grounds that it appeared “suspicious” and I was required to approve it before publication. In nine years of being a moderator of this group, this has never happened before and I am really unnerved by. I wonder if anyone else has had this sort of experience?

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