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20 year-old popcorn unlikely to be genetically modified

I recently discovered a sealed packet of popcorn in my larder with a sell-by date of 1992. I think I had some idea at the time that you needed a special piece of equipment to actually pop the corn and so it lingered. Anyway, being desperate for a quick snack, I put some in aContinue Reading

Cinnamon the wonder spice

I always remember when I was learning herbal medicine that one of our teachers told us that cinnamon was his favourite herb. And with good reason as this plant is a potent medicine as well as being a delicious and warming spice. It is especially useful at this time of year when everyone seems toContinue Reading

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric

  From Medscape Medical News Specific Plants Protect Against Specific, Not All, Cancers Pam Harrison August 29, 2012 (Montreal, Quebec) — Not all fruits and vegetables protect against cancer; rather, specific plants — mostly vegetables — protect against specific cancers, according to research presented here at the Union for International Cancer Control World Cancer CongressContinue Reading

More good news for coffee lovers

A recent large study has found that women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day may have a lower risk of depression than someone who drinks less.  Hooray for that! Michel Lucas; Fariba Mirzaei; An Pan; Olivia I. Okereke; Walter C. Willett; Éilis J. O’Reilly; Karestan Koenen; Alberto Ascherio Coffee, Caffeine, andContinue Reading

Superfoods for the winter

I sometimes find it hard to remember what are the so called “superfoods”.  This slideshow from Web MD is a nice reminder of what we should be eating more of now that winter is here – the good news is that, apart from yogurt and oysters, they are all plants. [Just ignore the adverts onContinue Reading

Garlic dinner for winter colds and sniffles

A classic garlic recipe to ward off colds and ‘flu Here is a great way to take medicine – though you probably need to ensure that you aren’t the only one eating it given the amount of garlic it contains. Garlic has been prized since ancient times for its antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial, qualities butContinue Reading